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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

129 Min. | Comedy – Drama | October 1939

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Director: Frank Capra

Starring: James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Review

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a wonderful film about a man Jeff Smith (James Stewart) who believes that children are the future and should be able to enjoy the outdoors, while taking in knowledge of their great Country. When a senator dies in Smith’s state, the governor is forced into an awkward position of electing the new senator. While the governor is sitting down to dinner, his young children propose the idea of Jeff Smith who is head of the Boy Rangers and prints a weekly newspaper for the local children. Mr. Smith is elected into office in the funniest way, a coin toss. Continue reading Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006 – Free Download) Spanish DVD-RIP

118 Min. | Drama – Fantasy – War | November 2006

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Starring: Ivana Baquero, Ariadna Gil, Sergi López

Pan’s Labyrinth Review

Set during Franco’s mopping up exercise after the Spanish Civil War, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is a wonderful, dark fairy tale that, in a metaphor for Spain itself, teeters on the edge of nightmare dreamscapes of corruption, violence and the death of innocents. Pan’s Labyrinth is definitely not for young children. Although the fantasy sequences are gorgeously realised, and are fairy tales in the truest sense, most of the story exists outside of the dreamland, in the even more frightening world of a real life struggle of ideas and ideology. Continue reading Pan’s Labyrinth (2006 – Free Download) Spanish DVD-RIP

The Great Escape (1963 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

172 Min. | Adventure – Drama – History | July 1963

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Director: John Sturges

Starring: Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough

The Great Escape Review

In 1942, Allied prisoners of World War II who repeatedly try to escape are placed by the Germans in a maximum security camp called “Stalag Luft III”. As you might expect, they try to escape. Repeatedly. Giving the prisoners a lot of time to meet without supervision, the Germans may be foreshadowing the “Hogan’s Heroes” TV series that poked fun at The Great Escape. Top-billed is super-cool Steve McQueen. He’s always earning himself solitary confinement. You’ll notice Mr. McQueen looks sharper coming out of “The Cooler” than he does going in, sliding his jacket down the wall of the cell without fear of scratching the leather. That’s cool. Continue reading The Great Escape (1963 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

Die Hard (1988 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

131 Min. | Action – Thriller | December 1988

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Director: John McTiernan

Starring: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia

Die Hard Review

“Die Hard” is the prototype type for the modern action film. Since it’s also one of the best action films ever made, that happens to be a very good thing. “Die Hard” is lean, mean, and doesn’t contain a single second of wasted screen time. The direction, the action, the story, the acting, every aspect of this film comes close to big-budget action movie perfection. Since “Die Hard” was first released in 1988, it’s difficult to think of a blockbuster action film that doesn’t follow the basic structure and format of “Die Hard” or, for that matter, is better than “Die Hard”. Continue reading Die Hard (1988 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP